How to engage toddlers through PLAY?

Educating children through play is the best way to promote their motor skills and exercise both. It can also be a great way to enhance communication skills in toddlers, especially when they are still learning to talk and express themselves.

-Play is one of the main ways of children learning and development. It helps in building self confidence by giving them a chance to be a boss ,which develops sense of there own abilities.
-Play is very important to a child’s development, it is an integral part of a child’s Early Years Foundation Stage and supports their learning journey too.Children can develop many skills through the power of play such as language skills, emotions, creativity ,social skills, building imagination, problem solving,working with others, sharing and much more.

Ways for playful homeschooling-

Market is full of methods which are related to homeschooling, but are they helpful to your child as well?
Every child is different and unique in all expect.
A mother only knows her child so first thing to do is to prepare a list and fix a schedule for your child, (Yes schedule is very important ,even in early stage too). Which will include all the topics u want to teach your child in particular span of time.

Providing some wonderful play idea which will help them learn in a number of ways:

  1. Playing with Sand and water can be an early introduction to science and maths, eg learning that water is fluid, not solid, and that it can be measured in different sized containers.
  2. Playing with dough or clay, drawing and painting pictures, dressing up, playing with dolls and cars can built creativity, imagination and expression of feelings.
  3. Building blocks, jigsaws and shape sorters can help with recognizing different shapes and sizes, putting things in order and developing logic.
  4. Playing ball games, dancing, running, climbing all help to develop body movement, strength, flexibility and co-ordination skills.
  5. Singing, playing simple music instruments help to develop rhythm, listening and hearing capabilities.
  6. Encouraging kids for reading can develop sense of words. As they will copy language and behavior.
    Remember, learning should be fun at this age. Do things/activities that they like or the way they like. Never force them to do as we want, as this will drive a negative impact on then n they will stop enjoying it. May be they never try that one again. They might find unusual ways of doing things – be patient and enjoy with them. Show them how things work, but if they want to experiment, let them.

Talking to children about day-to-day things is important as well . They will watch those around them and copy language and behaviour. The more u talk the more they learn. Allow them to make there own views in bathing,cooking,dressing and feeding. This will built sense of listing and imagination as well.

Encouraging children for outdoor play is extremely beneficial and necessary for their development. Outdoor play helps them to learn lots about the environment,it uses whole body which built muscular movements and develop gross motor skills too.

Make them aware about failure. Some activities require multiple tries to get right, allow and motivate them untill they succeeded. Help children to face their own fears and try new things, without the fear of failing.

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