Fun with Letter of the week!

Letter M-N-O-P

Homeschooling should have the main objective to make our kids learn and recognize all the letters initially and their phonics sound later. By implementing one letter at a time, my objective is to make my kid understand and relate each letter properly by building lots of vocabulary.

Activities with Letter M

We started this week with the word MOTHER. Telling him all the things he should know about his mother and grandmother.

“Five little MONKEYS…….”. By singing and re-telling familiar rhymes and rhyming stories, we develop many skills in our kids like auditory discrimination, a rich range of language, concentration skills, listening skills oral storytelling/poetry skills, phonemic awareness.

Monster Play Playdough is great for little imaginative minds. There is no end to what kids can pretend with playdough. It encourages a multi-sensory experience. This week I took some printed sheets, playdough with lots of props (googly eyes, buttons, ice-cream sticks, toy molds, and more) my son make different funny monster faces.

Moon Stamping Stamp painting has many sensory benefits. It’s super fun and is no preparation activity. I took a sponge , cut it into the shape of a moon and stars, pasted it over a thick cardboard sheet and gave it to my naughty toddler with some paint colors. It was a great hit for my paint lover. Later we have a wonderful storytime discussing the moon and sky.

Mouse Tape Painting
Creating craft with a rhyme “Two little mouse……” Helped my son to relate many new words having lots of fun. Actually, for him it was just a painting , he was not aware that i have created letter M with tape. After painting when i removed the tape, his joyful suprised face was worth to see. Later I made mustache and my son sticked eyes and our mouse is ready.

Mushroom Colouring Scribbling and doodling is an important sign of development in children. Through them kids achieving various fine motor, gross motor, and cognitive milestones. So it’s better to mold them in correct directions. I gave him a mushroom printout , my son scribbled it with colors of his choice. Later he pasted the MUSHROOM cutouts together.

Activities with Letter N

Numbers are considered a basic step of learning. We have done number recognizing activities before,u can read my blog through the link click here. But this time we have done number train to teach him proper sequence. Puzzles always attract him so we have matched the puzzle numbers with the train. This was really fun with lots of learning.

Beads Necklace
Lacing the beads together is a very good activity for improving fine motor skills. There are various ways to play with it. My son gifted me a hand made necklace with lots of LOVE. Matching different patterns, counting, colour sorting are few ways to enhance lacing through beads.

Night Craft
I made some stars and moon and asked him to stick them on a black paper. We had a healthy discussion on the things we see in the night followed up with the rhyme “Twinkle twinkle little star”

Noodles Pretend Play
Playdough play had numerous advantages. And my son shows deep interest in cooking so he made tasty and colorful noodles for us. You can download these play dough free printables from here.

Newspaper Cutting These days Sadhya is much interested in cutting with scissors. I was planning an activity to identify words and circle them but he started cutting it. And didn’t stopped him as he was enjoying it. Later i made some shapes and glued few newspaper stripes to it. My son enjoyed cutting it and forming various shapes.

Nest Painting
We made a nest through hand painting and some birds with finger painting. With which I thought him the importance of keeping bird feeder.

Activities with Letter O

Octopus Craft
Basic colour identification and counting activity. I added few dot numbers on different coloured strips and my son glued it with its matching number and formed a huge octopus with eight legs.

Ocean Flashcards
Ocean animals matching game. Learning about ocean animals is quite fun and with flashcards having attractive prints add more interests. My son matched animated ocean animals flashcards with the real images, very good visual discrimination activity.

Ocean Mask
Ocean world always excites kids . This week we learn lots of new things about ocean animals. Making and colouring ocean underwater mask was so much fun .Then we pretend played about the underwater life .

Onion Painting
Onion stamp painting was another engaging and learning activity for this week. My son gets facinated with vegetables , this week i made him learn about them, how they look from outside and inside, followed by painting.

Activities with Letter P

Pig Craft
I have arranged colouring printables for my son which improves his scribbling skills as well. He has made this PIG by colouring and pasting different parts together. And I have helped him in cutting.
And we enjoyed bookish play too as kids love peppa pig.

Paper crumbling craft
Paper crumpling enhanced fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination of our children. This time I made him learn the difference between fruits and veggies. Identifying the colours of vegetable printout we have and then crumbling paper to glue them together was very enggaging.

To build vocabulary we have played lots of games with different flashcards like- Parts of flower , community helpers, colour sorting , vegetables.

Concept behind was to help him relate objects with day to day lifes.

This is the end of this post. Hope you all find all the activities helpful and enggaging for your child also. Do try them with your kids and share your experiences with me.

Happy learning!

Letters of the Week!

We’re moving through the alphabets and we’ve reached the letter I, J, K & L. I hope these posts have been helpful and relieved some stress while planning these letters to your little ones.

Activities with Letter I

Insects pattern
I have printed some images of insects (if u are good at drawing u can make them with your own) and arranged them to form different patterns. I explained the concept to my son and asked him to rearrange them. It was a level up for him but he leant the concept.

I spy
We played I spy game and had a lot of fun. Whenever I say ‘I spy with my eye something beginning with I’, my son starts guessing the word beginning with the letter I. This is a great game to play with the whole family and can be played anywhere! I have also printed some of the worksheets on “I spy”, and we enjoyed learning numbers with it.

Icecream counting
Counting is great fun if we make it interesting. I made some ice cream cones and labelled them with numbers, initially from 1-5. I formed some coloured circles to look like ice cream scoops. My son has to read the number on the ice cream cone and count that many scoops to glue on the ice cream cone.

Icecream sudoku
Sudoku is actually a game that’s based on logical thinking. Kids learn to think logically as well as develop a mind and thinking process that is highly organized. I already had kids sudoku and my son loves to play with it. So this week we practised that. I have made DIY sudoku as well, will share it soon in my free printables post .

Ice Painting
Paints always play an important role to calm a cranky and angry toddler at my home. It’s the start of summer so this time we had some ice painting. All you have to do is add some water to an ice tray add your child’s favourite colours. Add a stick in between for proper grip freeze and they are ready. Let your child explore their imaginations.

I always prefer flashcards and worksheets, as a great source of learning . We also did some rhyme sessions while Listening, dancing and singing Incy- wincy spider with a rhyme mat.

Activities with Letter J

Jelly Beads Sensory Bin
The easiest way to play with jelly beads is to place them in a large bin and let your little one play with them. I have placed some lower case fridge
magnets along with colourful jelly beads . My little toddler has to place them back over the refrigerator. I have kept some distance between the fridge and the beads bin so that my super active toddler can have his physical workout too.

J is for JUMP and what’s better than a number jump…? It’s a combo of learning & fun. Jumping involves both sides of our brain and body work together to maintain balance and coordination. We have done a random number jump with a number Sequencing jump. The fun that we had can be seen in my sons face too.

Alphabet Jar
This is a phonics learning and a sensory bin activity where I have filled a jar with sabudana (as it’s my sons favourite) with some miniature alphabets. My Son has to recognise the alphabet and pronounce it beginning sound.

Jack n Jill
I never miss the Rhyme session as it plays an important role for kids development.

Joker Counting
Counting numbers and remembering their sequence is sometimes difficult for toddlers. I Printed some number worksheets, as new worksheets build interest too. Now my child has to find and match numbers, it’s a good one to increase visual discrimination and learning skills.

Joker Tangram
Tangram puzzles have tons of advantages. It helps children to learn problem-solving skills, geometrical concepts, and a lot more. I have used them to educate relationships on basic shapes.

Activities with Letter K

Kitchen Pretend Play
This is the most played pretend play game in my house. He prepares so many recipes and an advantage is he now knows almost all ingredients. Kitchen pretends play has lots of importance-

  • It helps in Visual Recognition Of Shapes, Patterns And Colors.
  • Increases Self-Confidence and builds their imagination.
  • Builds teamwork .
  • Teach preparation and cleanup responsibility.

Key Matching
Match the right key with its lock….Isn’t this sounds interesting…?
Again a very simple, no preparation activity. Good for Visual Recognition, build gripping and help in gross & fine motor skills.

Kinetic sand
Building & create imaginations and that too without creating a mess. Kinetic sand play is loved by every child and mom too. It helps to improve fine motor skills, encourages creative thinking and can be squish and squeeze easily.

Kite Counting
These days I focus on counting activities. So we tried the most famous K for Kite Counting. Different colours seem very attractive to kids. This is a very engaging and full of learning activity. I have taken different coloured papers and cut them in a diamond shape to make them resembles the shape of the kite. Few rectangular strips form the tails. My child has to identify the number written on the kite, count the rectangular strips and stick them to the diamond-shaped kite.

K Worksheet
Find the right path for the Kangaroo by encircling the letter K. We have done a wonderful rhyme session with “Two little kittens, lost their mittens…….” as well.

Activities with Letter L

Lacing Vegetables

  • This is the best activity when it comes to engagement time. Plus there are lots of advantages as well-
  • Improves eye-hand coordination.
  • Builds pincer grip.
  • Improves attention.
  • Develops patience and perseverance.

Lacing is fun but it is not an easy task. Lacing toys are easily available on market but I used a DIY one took a printout of vegetables on thick paper. Punched holes with punching machine and our Lacing activity is ready with some ribbon or lace.

Lollipop Craft
These days Sadhya loves different flavours and colourful Lollipops. But due to lockdown, we are running out of stock. So we did a pretend-play
with paper plate by painting it and decorating with different colours to look like a Lollipop.

Ladybug Pattern Matching
I have made this to test his discrimination skills. Bonus is his joy and learning.

Lamp Colouring
I have drawn a lamp on big sheet and allowed Sadhya to colour it. Later we decorated it with paper quilling art.

Summer’s are incomplete without ludo and snakes n ladder….. isn’t it…?
We too have a great family time playing with it.

While playing with it we had revised the concept of big-small, counting, numbers and colours.

Lion Craft
Colour, cut and paste sheet.
Another one to beat tantrums. I will add the free printables in my blog, so you guys can download them and use them with your kids as well.

So there were all that we have planned for this week. Hope you all enjoyed reading it and found them useful to make your kids learn and engage. Do try them with your kids.

Happy learning!