We all have some sweet and some not so sweet memories attached with our baby.
Being a mom its always delightful to watch her child grow .

It always bring tears in my eyes whenever I remember the moment I hold my son for the first time .
Big googly eyes, tiny soft hands and feet. He, seems like a little angle who filled our life with happiness. Being with him through out the day, watching him grow so fast , listening his gurgling and cooing sounds is the best thing one could experience in your life.

I had a tough time rising my child . His first year was very difficult . Being a new MOM I was always concern about his growth.
My daily check list was what he eats, how he plays and how i manage rest of my household responsibilities. Life seems only a roller coaster ride . Sleepless nights, hectic day , concern about his development milestones and lots more. But believe me every child is different and completes their development milestones in their own way. Delay in development is a huge concern until their are abnormal symptoms. My son is a late walker He spoke words late but once he spoke , he is unstoppable. His first walk, was for demanding MANGOES. and then standing in front of fridge screaming for mangoes.

How often have you heard the proud statement: “My baby did every thing in his early stage”..? and the anticipated reply, ‘Wow, really?… that’s amazing!
Your child must be very clever!” Well, a warning here, all babies develop differently.
If you have any concerns about your baby’s development, ask your doctor or advice.
Rather than asking advice from a random person . Getting disappointed about your’s little one’s growth , comparing with nearby kids , is the most common thing
parents do. Say a BIG NO to all these. Just live every moment with you kid and help him grow slowly. Its a great joy believe me!!

After his first Birthday My son , who had so far been following all the developmental milestones (suggested by the experts), suddenly decided to break the rules and not to walk. It made
me worried. He went straight to become an adorable bundle of energy, who would like to bounce uncontrollably and walk through support. I had to monitor him every minute , any miss leads to huge trouble. I had to make my home child proof in order to protect him from getting hurt from sharp corners or drawers closings on their delicate fingers. From a over protective mom to a cleanliness freak i have passed to all different phases of life with him. For a super active toddler term boundaries has no meaning , he always want to crawl either in the park, restaurant or mall. And possibly taste everything that was at his eye level. Finally i gave up with saying NO ,
considering its an important process of immunity development.

I usually scroll my mobile phone searching for these lovely moments , looking at my son and saying “KITANA BADA HO GAYA HAI MERA SADHU” i usually call him, pet name of (SADHYA). Finally decided to take print of best of this happy moments. (Quite hard to chooses one picture from a complete month or a week). After huge efforts i made a memory wall which describes his milestones too. So that i can enjoy our happy memories without any stoppage. Being in the digital era we have just forgot about the printed pictures. Who has time to open album, sit with their family with a cup of tea/coffee and laugh on all those happy moments that they have captured together?

But the joy of having printed picture and the digital one is different. I made a wall of frame considering some happy moments with my family so that we can re-enjoy them without any miss. Zoomin , i got all my pictures printed with them. Loved the quality they offer, also you can customize pictures as per your need size, can add boundaries, funny stickers print into a photo book calendar and lot more.

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