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I love sharing kids activities that don’t take a long time to set up and can incorporate items you already have at home. Colours makes kids of all age group crazy. They love the texture and different colours attract them and they love to play with them in their own way. Every kid has its own way to play with colours. Also their are tremendous ways to play with colours, here i am sharing the ways i have done with my kiddo.

1. Bubble Wrap Painting


  • Bubble wrap
  • Mini rolling pins
  • Paint
  • Tape
  • Paper
  • I taped the bubble wrap to the roller and wrapped it around.
  • Then I squirted a few colors of paint on a tray.
  • Dip the roller wrapped with bubble wrap into the tray filled with colours.
  • Let your child enjoy rolling into plain sheet forming their own patterns.

2. Shaving Foam Painting


  • Shaving Foam (buy the cheapest one)
  • Dilute colours/ Food colours.
  • White Paper.
  • Ice-cream stick for mixing.
  • Tray.
  • Set it up by filling the tray with shaving cream.
  • Then add a few drops of paint/food colour.
  • Make some random patterns with figure/ ice-cream stick.
  • Take a piece of card paper/ any white colour paper and place it gently over the shaving cream. Then turn it over and place that piece of paper on your table.
  • Use a card/ ice-cream stick or something similar to scrape off the excess shaving cream. And your beautiful artwork is ready!!

3. Sponge Painting

Painting with random objects is always a hit at our house. This is so easy to prepare and engages our kids for a long time with lots of happiness.

  • Colours.
  • Sponge brush/ Kitchen sponge, cloth pin.
  • White sheet/ craft sheet.
  • Cover the table with craft paper to give the kids a full canvas to paint on (and to keep things clean).
  • I have a sponge painting brush . If u don’t have one then cut the sponges (kitchen sponge will also work) into quarters and attached a clothes pin to each. Your can cut kitchen sponge into different shapes to add extra fun and learning.
  • A few squirts of paint into the middle of the table and hello sponge painting!!

A Simple sponge dabbing/painting can lead to following developments in your kid-

  • Fine motor skills.
  • Hand eye coordination.
  • Color mixing.

4. Magic Painting

Need a fun activity to make it to nap time? You have to try this secret painting activity and your little learners will love it! You can combine it with numeracy, literacy and art activity.
This is a crayon resist activity, which means you have to paint on top of the crayon.

  • White paper.
  • White crayon.
  • Watercolor paint.
  • Painting brush.
  • I took my white crayon and wrote letters all over the paper. White on white will make your creation almost invisible. Which creates real Fun!!
  • Ask your little one to paint on that piece of paper.
  • Apply thin coat of paint over the letters (NOTE: thin coat should be applied, thicker paint will not do . Either dilute paint or use water colours).
  • Art work will magically appear as the paint doesn’t stay on oil pastels.

5. Mabel/Ball Painting

We call it dancing ball painting.

  • Tray/Baking pan.
  • Paint.
  • White paper cut to fit inside the pan.
  • Tape.
  • Marbles/ Balls.
  • Tape a white paper to the bottom of the pan.
  • I squirted different colors of paint onto the paper and dropped in some marbles .
  • Ask your child to roll the tray back and forth to get the marbles to move and paint the paper.



  • Plain paper (Preferable white ).
  • Paint in various colors.
  • Cups and bottle caps in various sizes.
  • Gather some disposable cups in various sizes. You can use bottle caps as well or kitchen utensiles.
  • Take a large sheet of paper and spread it out on a work surface.
  • Squirt some colors of paint onto the colour mixing tray/plate and spread them around a bit.
  • Grab a cup and dip the end you would drink from in a color of the paint.
  • Start stamping the cup on the paper in random places. Different patterns can be made as per kids interest.

7. Sand/ Rangoli Painting


  • Fevicol.
  • Paper.
  • Sand/ Rangoli
  • Let your child squeeze some fevicol all around on a piece of paper at a random pattern or trace some design and let your child spreed . You can also draw some easy drawing to trace.
  • Pour some sand/rangoli over the glue.
  • Shake the excess sand/rangoli off of the paper.
  • Squeeze liquid colours into the salt and watch how it absorbs the paint.

8. Salt Painting

If you are looking for a simple art activity to do with the kids, Salt Painting is perfect. We had some unexpected results with this salt painting which I think turned out pretty cool.

  • Paper (white or black).
  • Salt.
  • Water mixed with food colour.
  • Dropper.
  • Let your child squeeze some glue all around on a piece of paper at a random pattern. You can also draw some easy drawing to trace with glue.
  • Pour some salt over the glue.
  • Shake the excess salt off of the paper.
  • Squeeze liquid colours into the salt and watch how it absorbs the paint.
    For older kids you can teach them various science concepts related to this.

9. Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting


  • Bubble wrap
  • Paint
  • Tape
  • Paper
  • Loosely wrap the bubble wrap around your child’s bare foot,to make a little boot.
  • Then I squirted a few colors of paint on a tray.
  • Ask your kid to jump into the colour filled tray. You can paint the bubble wrapped feet of your child with painting brush.
  • Now it’s time to paint! Your child can walk across the paper with the painted bubble wrapped feet. My son preferred to jump.Let your child enjoy rolling into plain sheet forming their own patterns.

10. Paper Squishy painting

  • Fold a piece of paper in half.
  • Encourage your child to paint only one half of the picture. Putting big blobs of paint on in random spots works the best.
  • Fold the paper in half again.
  • Ask your child to squish the paper together and spread out the paint .
    You will be left with a wounderful artwork with less efforts. The concept of symettery can also be tought through this.

11. Cotton Swab Painting

Great for developing fine motor skills among kids.
*Cotton Swab

  • Take a cotton swab , dip it in paint/ water colour and let you little-ones just create happiness.
  • Your can bundle up cotton swab together to form some wonderful art.

12. Hand & Figure painting


  • Colours
  • Paper
  • Decorative materials
  • Marker pen
  • Squirt some paint into the painting tray.
  • Ask your little ones to dip their hand/fingure into the paint and then to the plain paper .
  • Add googly eyes to form different objects from the hand impression formed.
    We have made alphabets with hand painting impressions.
  • Use marker pen to make art (we have made different animals shape).

13. Tyre tracing painting


  • Paint
  • Variety of toy cars and trucks
  • Paper
  • This task is simple for children, just make the toy cars and trucks drive through the paint and create track markings from their journey across the paper.
  • Kids finds it interesting to see how the colours changed as they drove over the track marks. It was almost like magic!
    and truck wheels was wonderful fun.

14. Monster Blow Painting

Make a cute, funny, or scary monster blow painting! This fun and easy process art activity is great for kids of all ages.

  • Watered paint, food colouring or liquid water colours.
  • Large sheets of paper.
  • Straws .
  • Permanent markers to draw shapes.
  • Add few drops of paint in the middle of the page .
  • Now you need to start blowing!
    Don’t be specific , let your kid explore the flowing directions.
  • Let it dry .
  • Use marker, googly eyes to make monster face and your are done!!

15. Rubber band


  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Cardboard box
  • Rubber bands
  • Start with covering each rubber band with paint. We found that a generous amount of paint works best!
  • Try different ways of pulling on the rubber bands to see what effect it would have.
  • We first played with rubber band strings like a guitar, afterwords like a piano.

16. Block painting

For block painting Please follow this link . There are many interesting block activities which will keep your child engage and learn.

17. Thread Painting


  • White sheet
  • Cotton thread/string
  • Water colours
  • Take a white sheet, cut/fold it into 2 equal pieces.
  • Dip cotton thread into colours of your choice.
  • On one sheet, spread the strings forming circles and twists.
  • Cover the sheet with the other sheet.
  • Place your hand on the sheet and press hard.
  • While applying the pressure, pull out one string with the other hand.
  • Keep pulling out all the strings while applying pressure and without lifting the paper.
  • Once all the strings are pulled out, lift the sheet.
    Enjoy wonderful patterns formed !!

18. Puffy Painting


  • Flour
  • Baking powder
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Food colour/paint
  • Mix it all up and that’s all.
  • Use a spoon or a squeeze Bottle.
    Let your child be a little messy !!
  • It can also be made with adding few drops of colour into shaving foam.

Hope you liked all the above fun loving engaging ideas . Do give them a try.

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