Fossil Day Easy Craft For Kids

Kids of all age groups are attracted towards Dinosaurs Family. After watching a movie bases on them my kiddo got crazy for Dinosaurs. I always prefer to engage my son through craft. And what is better them a DINO CRAFT , exciting!!!!

Actually its quite important to build interest and to create awareness among these lil one’s.

National Fossil Day was established in the United States to promote the scientific and educational values of fossils. It was first held on October 13, 2010, during since it has been celebrated. Main Objective behind was : 

  • Celebrate the wonderful diversity of fossils as clues for understanding the history of life, past climates, and ancient landscapes;
  • Promote the understanding that fossils are non-renewable resources and the importance of preserving fossils for future generations.
  • Develop a media strategy for consistent and positive messaging which promotes the objectives of National Fossil Day;
  • Promote awareness of the paleontologist resources, programs, services, and expertise of the National Park Service.

There are many ways in which you can create awareness among your kids . I tried some easy but interesting one’s with the stuff that was available at home.

Sharing some CRAFTY FOSSIL DAY (DINO CRAFT) with you all:


Being mom of a toddler I always focus on teaching some practical skills through play. We made a dinosaur with giant teeth, marked some cavities with marker and practice brushing the cavity out. We did number cavity, alphabets and many more for fun learning.


To start this simple dinosaur craft, I quickly drew it out on my cardboard and cut it out. ( you can print out a picture online and trace it). Once the dinosaur was cut out, my job was done and it was time to put my little guy to work. I handed him tissue paper in the color of his choice and showed him how to tear off small pieces (if your child is super young, you may want to pre-cut small tissue paper squares).  Then I spread glue onto the cardboard cutout and allowed him to roll the pieces of tissue paper between his hands, crumpling them up.


My son is really found of colors ,we have tried almost every possible type of painting and believe me its really fun playing with colors. This time I have used bubble wrap for Dino painting. Just traced any dino shape on the bubble wrap, cut it. Colour as desired and they are good to go.


Screen time can be made learning time too. While watching the movie we have learnt that their are GOOD and BAD DINOs. Colours are always a great choice while working with kids. I repeated the whole story again with lots of colours and fun. Pouring lots of colour in hand.
Put the hand print upside near the bottom of the sheet. The thumb becomes the tail and you add on the head and neck with a paintbrush.Then add toenails with a pen or marker.Also add on the face .And The Good Dinosaur is ready.


This dinosaur craft is perfect for dramatic play or story time. Trace your favorite dinosaurs on craft paper , add googlies eyes and clothespin at the back ,to make its mouth with huge teeth and have fun.


  • First grab three pop sticks and glue them together to look like a triangle.
  • While those are drying, grab your green craft paper and cut a triangular shape that will be placed within the Pop stick design and be body of the dinosaur.
  • Cut out some other dinosaur features like a long neck, short feet and pointy spikes.
  • Glue all the paper pieces together in place.
  • Once done, set aside to let it dry completely before displaying proudly!


Dinosaurs have a huge family . Here is one more from them. We used newspaper to make triceratops so that we can recycled them easily . We always try to craft with reusable materials that would otherwise be thrown away! After making face from newspaper , we poked three holes for the dinosaurs’ three horns. We had a discussion about the prefix tri- meaning three in words like triangle, tricycle, and Triceratops. My kiddo poked fuzzy sticks into the holes as horns which was great fine motor work. We also glued on the googly eyes. The finishing touch is a colored cupcake liner/ colored paper as a plate behind the Triceratops’ heads to form wings.


Draw skeleton on a piece of brown paper to make it look like the dinosaur bones are in the dirt. Glue the pasta on top of the lines to make your own dinosaur skeleton in the dirt!

Another option is trace the skeleton of Tyrannosaurus on sensory bin activity.

SAND / SALT PAINTING- Print out or trace any dino and apply glue on your paper and sprinkle sand over top (shake off the excess) to add some real dirt (and texture) to your picture. This will be great fun with your little ones.

MINIATURE PLAY – Market is flooded with lots of toys related to DINO family . Allow your kids to explore . You can plan texture play, dough clay play also .

Use different colored craft papers trace multiple creatures from DINO family , cut them and give you toddlers to play with them. They can trace them, colour them, stick and form their own place and many more. Give wings to their imaginations.

HOPE YOU LIKE MY LITTLE CREATIVE POST. Do try with your kids and comment below.

Happy crafty play!!