How to teach Alphabets in a fun way!

Do you have a toddler or a pre-schooler in your home? Do you find them difficult to teach? Do your kid runs away during their study time?
If you find YES to any of the above questions then read this article and try these activities. You kid will definitely find them interesting.

To make my son understand Alphabet and relate them to daily life, I have started an alphabet series. We did activities focusing on a single letter for a week.In this series, you will find playful alphabet activities which will increase your kid’s vocabulary, engagement time, and lots of FUN!

So let’s begin with the letter A. I have started with the letter A as it is the first letter and I wanted my son to remember the proper sequence too.

Activities with Letter A

Sand Painting
Tracing is the initial step for writing skills. I formed a big A and allowed my son to trace it with glue. Later I gave him some sand and thus he formed a giant sand letter A.

Animal Kingdom
With the help of some miniature animals, we have created an animal kingdom. Sorting wild and farm animals discussing their habitat,stories and food they eat.

PlayDough Apple Tree
Playdough has a lot of advantages in the development of kids. I printed a playdough alphabet mat, my son created apples and loaded the tree with lots of fruits. We also did apple counting with the same mats, for numbers 1-10.

Aeroplane Craft
Kids are always attracted to vehicles. To teach A is for AEROPLANE, i created aeroplane cut-outs from coloured papers. My son painted blue sky and clouds and stick the cut-outs in it. Painting with Craft is a big hit at my home it’s too much fun too!

DIY Alligator with Flash Cards
We had a visit to Zoo last weekend. From then my son was fascinated by the sharp and pointed teeth of wild animals. We painted 2 paper plates and glued them together to form the face of an alligator. Triangle cut-outs appear like the teeth.

Activities with Letter B

Bee Craft
This is one of the classic crafts that we had done. Online shopping boxes have given us lots of bubble wraps. I took a large piece of bubble wrap and folded it to form a square or triangle. You can tape it as well to maintain the shape throughout the activity. Give your toddler a few drops of yellow-brown and orange color in a plate and a withe sheet. Let your kids create their own imaginations. Stick some bee stickers at the end. This craft will give them knowledge of bee’s habitat too.

Basket With Buttons
B is for Buttons too. I give him a few of his shirts and asked him to button them up. It was a bit hard for him but practice made him complete his task. I introduced him to the buttoning toy as well. Later we made a basket full of flowers with various buttons talking about the different shape, colours,s and size.

Boat Rhymes
Creating a beautiful riverside set up with some paper boats, trees and stone will attract kids for the rhymes session. He has learnt to make the paper boat as well. Row, Row, Row your boat………

We have done some worksheets to teach him the concept of belongings. This is a very important lesson and should be taught at this early stage as well!

Physical Basket Ball play
Physical outdoor play is equally important for the overall development of a child. We had a gala time and have learnt few words as well.

Activities with Letter C

Caterpillar Craft
My three-year-old son isn’t ready for handwriting practice yet, but I like to reinforce the shape of the letters by tracing them. He filled a giant letter C with colorful pom-poms creating a caterpillar.

Cookies Counting
I labeled some circular cardboard pieces with dot numbers and allowed my son to match the numbers with the circular cookies in the JAR drawn on paper. For him, it seems like counting cookie jar.

Decorate the cupcake with playdough toppings. I took playdough alphabet mat and my son decorated it the way he wanted. Later he pretended to eat a few of them.

Car Tracing
The is one of his favorite activities. He asks to do this at least once a week. I just squirt washable tempera paint on the paper, and he drives his cars around while I get a little work done. This time i asked him to trace gaint alphabets!

Action Words with C
Building some practical words with art and craft is equally important. Reading books increase concentration as well. While learning I formed small storied related to the things he has done throughout the day.

Activities with Letter D

Donut Art
Another masterpiece created by my son. A cardboard shaped donut, few colours, and lots of imagination. If we ignore the mess this was a hit and so engaging!

Dice Counting
I labeled a blank die with the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. Then he rolled the die and colored that number on the DIY number sheet. This activity can be used for color and shape recognization as well. You can ask your toddler to form a circle or a triangle against the number on the DIY number sheet.

Pretending is important in child development. Through pretend play/Dramatic play experiences are some of the first ways children learn about their likes and dislikes, their interests, and their abilities.

Dinosaurs Please refer the link for all the activities related to dinosaurs. LINK

And that’s our look at letter A, B , C & D. We hope you found some fun things to try!

I Will come up with more interesting FUN learning activities with other letters too. Till then,

Happy Learning!